Goodbye, cruel world (called Gurgaon),
I’m leaving you today.
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

Goodbye all you people,
Theres nothing you can say,
To make me change my mind.

20 thoughts on “Goodbye”

  1. are leaving Gurgaon..:(
    me joinin der on 1st July!Plz Plz Plz post your experiences in Gurgaon..:)

  2. saale jis thaali me khaate ho ussi me chhed karte ho… why did you come to gurgaon if it was that bad and if you didnt know it before, you should have left in a few days – why did you stick you a** for so long !!!

  3. Dude,

    you seem to be switching jobs with higher frequency than even I am! (Though you don’t stay without a job as much as I do)

    Looking forward to updates on future plans and ggn experiances.


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