Quick Update

I heard that some of you got scared after reading my last post. My apologies for that. I’m in Bangalore now, and don’t have proper internet access here. Use my phone to check email and twitter, so I’m available on those, but there is no easy-to-use mobile tool to access wordpress so haven’t been able to update this blog.

Things will remain this way for a few more days till I get broadband (at my new house on K R Road). Regular programming won’t resume until then. I’m getting thousands of kickass ideas for kickass blog posts but with net not being available readily, I’m not able to implement too well on them.

Oh and for the record, I “do nothing” now. In the sense of job, I mean. I don’t really know what I want to do next apart from the fact that I want to live in Bangalore. Medium term plan is to become a quantitative consultant, but I need more clarity on that.

Let me know if you guys have any kickass ideas for me. Regular service will resume here in about a week’s time (or maybe later).

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  1. hmmm…..been wondering wats missing in my google feeds….realised its your ‘funda’ posts….anyways good luck!!

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