Search Keywords for April

As you might have figured out by now, this is a monthly feature on my blog – I collect the most interesting set of search key-phrases that lead to my blog and put them here. Here is this month’s list:

  • neha jain skimpy
  • skimpy vijaya atulya jackasses
  • arranged market opinion 2009
  • arushi nehra petromax
  • cory doctorow terrorist statistical argument
  • films on dream and daydream
  • history of south indian breakfast
  • influence of dutch on south indian food
  • isb chutiya
  • savita bhabhi in tamil
  • siddharth tata part of the tata family?
  • south indian restaurants norwich
  • the defference between english medium and hindi medium schools
  • vimax pills india gurgaon

12 thoughts on “Search Keywords for April”

    1. agreer. absolutely stunning it is. what is more stunning is that the source of the search phrase has also been identified (see comment below)

      only the 2nd time this is happening – that the source of the search phrase is identified. previous time was when rahul searched for “kodhi is a cheap guy”

  1. @Atulya: Good heavens! It got listed here!! You hadn’t replied to Skimpy’s question and kept me guessing. When I returned from my long vacation, that post disappeared from my RSS-listing, so had to search for it. Hence, Google’d for it and obviously, what better keywords than these to locate that particular post? [:P]

  2. Oh okay, I presume the question being “which 2 jackasses ?”

    The jackasses in question are Manu S Bharadwaj for referring to me as “that sidekick fachcha whatsizname” and Skimpy himself for “hahaha strong agreer”ing to that.

  3. Geez! so, finally you all managed to figure it out! But in the end, as it turned out, there were 3 jackasses; for I ended up making a big jackass out of myself with all these [:P]

  4. This is a truly historic moment in time. Google for “Kodhi is a cheap guy” and each of your, my, Harithekid’s and Madman’s blogs show up in the first 10 results

  5. Reading that It’s about time extremely educational. We appreciate a person spending some time and energy to put this particular publish along. Just as before I’ve found me personally ponying up excessively enough time both exploring and also composing remarks. However what exactly, ?capital t have been nevertheless advantageous!

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