Random sleepy thoughts

ok i’m sleepy. i thought i need to “capture my thoughts”. i’ll write whatever comes to my mind. it may not make sense. it may not be grammatical. spellings may not be correct. don’t bother reading it unless you are willing to put a lot of fight. and i’m not going to hit hte backspace key during the course of htis exercise. i begin.

so yesterday i wrote this blog post. about my cribbing. i wrote about the other me. and the other ohter me. actually i wonder if i atually ended up writing about what i think is the real me. maybe htere is no real me. maybe i exist only as the ohter and the yet anohter. actually what  mean is that i’m talking about the other me and the yet another me, and this has nothing to do with people from IIT madras who were named such by us (there was this, that, oc, bichu, the other, the yet another, tycho,const).

this mornign i woke up, like Abou Ben Adhem (whose tribe may increase). I woke up in a deep dream of peace. i noticed that for the first time ever i wasn’t playing myself in my dream. i remember one set in the dram. it was the basement of a mall. a very well lit basiement. and i’d gonet herre by car and wanted to pakr there. i remember parking my car there.

then there was an aerial battle. like those that you see in james bond moveis. i don’t know if i was involved ub t i saw a first person shooter account of the attle. finally the villain of th piece turend out to be one of the guys how was supposed t o be investingating. quite standard again i guess. for james bond ypes.

today i visited the akshardham temple. what i was fascinated by was their ability to monetize everything. photography is banned inside – they don’t even allwo you to take in phones – and they make quite a packet selling “official photos”. one thing you will notice outside most indian temples is the slew of “souvenir shops”. the akshardham temple has insourced that also. the temple runs the shop and it’s priced very reasonably. i have a feeling that the tamil nadu government was inspiredc by this temple when it took the decision to internalize liquor distribution .

the need ofr hte kansaa society was felt at the temple. despite the signboards saying don’t speak. maintain silecne and all such all over the campus, there were noisy kids running around. making a noise. making a mockery of the keep silence boards. quite a pity.

by the way it’s an excellent temple. a real work of art. they should have tourist guides (insiders of course)  explaining the significance of the carvingts to people . it si quite comical to see the figure of a swami as the presiding “deity” and “normal gods” being relegated to the sidelines (literally).

i got lost in the city of delih at least 10 times today. took a wrong turn at least 6 times. the other occasions i was on the right track but still i assumed that i wasn’t on the right track. kept feeling lost. and bles the Eicher Delhi Map. i  got caught in two bad traffic jams. these delhi drivers are crazy. they don’t know the channel coding theorem of information theory – one of whose variants states that you can send a bit across securely and safely IFF the speed at which you send the bit is less than the speed of the channel. or some such.

i think the same applies to traffic, and bangalore drivers sure know it. if it’s a bad road you drive at 1 kmph. if it’s a better road then 5 kmph. and if it’ss an exctremly big nad nice road, then 15 kmph. no more. and these delhi guys. even in the gullis it’s at least 20 kmph. too quick. and i don’t like these high beam ligts beaming into my rearview mirrors. i go mad when i see those. i lose it. it’s a miracle that i drove back without any accident. maybe it’s because i reinstalled that little ganesha idol in my car today – it had bene missing for voer six months now.

speaking of ganesha idols, i got another today. bought a new one. this was at the akshardham souvenir shop. it is an idol of ganesha sitting on a swing. very strong it is, and a nice addition to my collection. i’m so glad because of that.

ok i’m really rampbling now so i suppose i’ll stop. good night

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