8 thoughts on “Thank God for the economic crisis”

  1. This is completely naive. Neither India, nor the US, nor China can afford to go to war against any non-insignificant country. It just won’t fly, just like your logic about why there wont’ be any further terror attacks.

  2. Its funny how the Chinks have been mindlessly piling up US govt. debt for so long… wonder how long they’ll let US borrow from them in $$.

    Somebody ought to tell Chinks to back off from the India-Pak terrorism issues. Chinks have done enough damage in Darfur already. Which makes you wonder in Sudan there is oil but what can Pakistan offer them except destabilize India and redirect foreign investment into China instead.

  3. Ridiculous. Even without China entering, India can’t defeat Pakistan nor can Pakistan defeat India. At best they can have a drama war like Kargil.

    Beyond a point, if India and Pakistan want to kill each other, the US and China have better things to do than waste their money protecting one or the other. China especially is too pragmatic to be indulging in such nonsense.

    Of course, it seems like the same can’t be said for right-wingers in India and Pak who have apparently convinced themselves through their own propaganda that they can go and defeat the other.

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