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A while back I was talking to Pota about the IITM Open Quiz, and its possible demise. I think what happened was that the quiz was in general closely held. Three of the four original quizmasters  were from the “no questions asked” team, and even after I graduated, people who continued ownership of the event were NQA guys.

We had a large number of non-NQA quizmasters (Ruddra, Chinmay, 10g, etc.) but the overall control of the event remained with NQA people. In each of its five episodes, all incumbent members of NQA contributed as quizmasters. Bhaand, who was the unofficial manager of NQA, was the coordinator of administrative affairs every year. Add to this the fact that the cultural secretaries and core group at IITM were in general hostile to the event, and you know what happened.

NQA was disbanded for all practical purposes in 2007, when The and RG graduated from IITM. Pota was the only one remaining on campus, and he did his job by coordinating the OQ of 2007. However, with the disbanding of NQA, there was no natural successor to take the event forward after pota. There was no one who could claim ownership of the event.

Looking at it from this perspective, maybe what has happened was inevitable. However, I think there is a lot to learn from this. A lot of lessons in terms of leadership, team building, succession plans, etc. I think I want to write a case study on this. If anyone of you has attended one or more OQs, and has any other feedback about this, please let us know. We can include that also in the case study.

All said and done, hope is not lost yet regarding the event. There is still the faint probability that we can somehow take it forward, on a different date. I’ll keep you posted on this.

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  1. Hey, I am one of the guys who organised and set OQ last time. Have been a fairly regular reader of your blog, actually.
    OQ was’nt going to happen this sem anyway. The sudden disappearance of studs may not even be our biggest problem.
    Shaastra happened, and in its wake took away with it our all important date Oct2 and The Dean’s attention and time. So I told him we ll hold it in the even semester, just as it was with you people.
    Whether this happens remains to be seen, but I will put the good fight to make sure it does. This much I assure you.

    1. as i’ve written in one of these posts – what is important is that the quiz happens. that there is continuity. that tradition is maintained.

      i understand there were some issues with the date, and that is ok. as long as you manage to hold it this academic year, it would be great. and you also need to properly pass on the baton. to someone who will do it with full enthu next year, hopefully on the usual date.

      and are you still at IITM?

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