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On sunday morning I leave for Gurgaon. This computer (which I’ve been using since IIMB days) will remain in Bangalore, and my mother will continue to use it. Just remembered that I have all my IIMB mail on this. And thought I should go through the lot. just for the heck of it. a few pertinent observations (I’ll keep putting in bullet points here as i go through the mailbox)

  • It seems in my first term at IIMB, my contact with the outside world (apart from parents) was minimal. Most email is from others at IIMB,and mostly acad related. And I clearly remember I’d stopped using my yahoo id then – the IIMB id was my primary ID
  • For some reason I can’t remember right now, I’d nicknamed Neha Jain as “Exception”. Of course I was to go on to later name her after a Mallu band, and that nickname happened to stick. And I’m still the only person who knows the real real reason why she’s called what she’s called. And I still plan to keep it a secret
  • God Sriram used to mail me fairly regularly back then. It’s kinda surprising now, but back then he seems to be the most frequent non-IIMB mailer to my IIMB ID. And in one mail he writes “Looks like the pertinent obs. are becoming vaguer and vaguer”. And for the uninitiated, it was God who had first come up with the phrase “pertinent observations”
  • My sense of humour back then seems quite weird – at least in hindsight. For example I wrote Ranga, who was studying in UMich saying “how many times have you drowned in Lake Michigan? And is it cold out there?”
  • I found this mail from Manish Chiddarwar which said “Hi, I wrote yesterday’s cluedo mystery. The intention was to have fun and not to hurt anyone’s feelings. I’m sorry if I took it too far. Regards, Manish”. This mail had been sent to Vikram Dua; Neha Jain; Arushi Nehra; Padam Chhabra; Venkataraman Aswath; Karthik S; Dawanchya Anita; Arnab Deb; Amitesh Rattan with a CC to Vinit Mahadevan. For context, please ask Kodhi. And kodhi replied saying “no hard feelings especially considering the fact that having wimpy for a son would make anyone proud”
  • A number of mails from friends back at IITM replying to my mails to them asking them to send proof of some “positions of responsibility” that i held at IITM
  • Muthu Mohon had sent a mail titled “Apex: Finally some progress”
  • Back in 2004, I used to start all my mails with a “hi!!”. somehow find that slightly rude now
  • Rachit Prasad had sent me a mail in early 2005, before he joined IIMB. He introduced himself thus: I’m a dig from Bangalore in IITM Mech who also stays in Banashankari, but in 2nd stage”

Ok I put NED now. Will publish.

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  1. Back in 2004, I used to start all my mails with a “hi!!”. somehow find that slightly rude now

    Because of the advent of emoticons probably?

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