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Rashmi Bansal’s cousin has written an insightful (and scary) story about the Bansal Factory in Kota. Just reading through that was enough to make my hands go numb, and to give me goosebumps. I’m so glad that I didn’t go through this kind of an experience in my last two years in school.

And after reading this article, I’m not too surprised that people from “outstation factories” such as those at Kota don’t do well at all at IIT (in general, people from “mass-production factories” don’t do too well at IIT. However, those who stayed at home during the preparation have a significantly higher chance of doing well when compared to those who stayed away).

I wonder if people actually do something of a cost-benefit analysis (everyone does that in most situations; you dont’ need an MBA to do this analysis) before they join these outstation factories. I think it’s more likely that they follow the herd.

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