Two kinds of cribbing

Type1: It’s more like a generalized crib. You crib because you need to get something out of your system. And you expect support. All that is required for you when you do this is for someone to just listen to you. Someone to just listen to you and just generally reassure you. That person may or may not have fundaes over the thing that you are cribbing about.

Type2: This one is more specific. You are cribbing about something specific, and you are in need for a specific solution. Just a general hearing and a “don’t worry it’ll be fine” won’t do in this case. You need specific solutions, and ideas. The person being cribbed to needs to be in a position to be able to help you – which means he/she needs to have domain knowledge about your crib.

This is more like an advanced crib. You are in trouble, and you think you have an idea as to how to get out of it. So your expectations from the person you crib to are higher. And you are in a way also asking more from the person you are cribbing to.

Sometimes, even finding people to crib to (incase of type 2 cribs) is tough!?

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