Tomatina in India

Almost every other year, there is a bumper crop of tomato in Kolar district, leading to prices of tomato falling under Rs. 2, leading to heavy losses amongst farmers. It’s not uncommon for farmers to throw sackloads of tomatoes on to the highway rather than selling at such throwaway prices.

I hereby suggest that in such times of a glut in the tomato crop, someone should come ahead and organize a local version of Tomatina. It will be a whole lot of entertainment to our people, and on the other hand result in a one time demand surge for tomatoes, leading to stiffening of prices, and helping out the farmer. And valuable tomatoes which would otherwise end up under the wheels of trucks would be used to plaster someone’s face instead!

Some people might think it’s morally wrong to waste food like this, but I think it’s so much better than letting tomatoes waste under wheels!

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