Learn from the guy on your right

The Gabriel Heinze drama is reaching dramatic proportions, with Man U refusing to sell him to LIverpool (or any other EPL club for that matter) despite the latter meeting the asking price. And it seems like Heinze wants to move at any cost – it seems he has engaged LIverpool’s legal team to assist him.

I don’t know how it will work legally, but Heinze might do well to learn from the guy who plays immediately to his right in the national team – Roberto Ayala. Last month, Ayala moved from Valencia to Villareal, only to move on to Zaragoza within a matter of days, without playing a single game for Villareal.

It seems like LIverpool desperately want Heinze, and are willing to up their bid. In which case, can’t they find a “surrogate intermediate club” for Heinze? Maybe some impoverished spanish or italian club might take up the offer. They buy Heinze from Man U for GBP 6.8 million (the asking price) and then quickly sell him to Liverpool for say 9 million, thus making a cool 2 million odd GBP profit! The money thus gained would be extremely useful to them while Liverpool will also get what they want. And if done efficiently, Man U will also be willing to sell Heinze to this impoverished club since it’s not in England and they are meeting the ask price!

On a related note, Liverpool bought Craig Bellamy last season for GBP 6 million from Blackburn, and now they have sold him to WHU for GBP 7.5 million. Do they have to pay capital gains tax on Bellamy?

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