Bad timing

Sometimes I feel like I want a break. That I want to take a few days off, even unpaid leave will do. And roam. I want to generally roam the forests of the western ghats. Go by bus. Start off at some famous place. Take a bus to some arbit place and get off. Walk for a while. Take pics. Talk to people. Make notes. Make sure I stay clear of naxalites. Move on.

Only problem is that it’s monsoon now? so I can’t immediately execute on this. And I can’t execute on this for pretty much the next three months. The last time I had got such ideas was last August, when I was on a break between jobs. Again, there was the monsoon issue. Add to that the uncertainty that was in my life then. And the fact that once i’d successfully interviewed with my current employer, I didn’t get much time.

Why does it always have to happen in the monsoon? Why don’t I get this kind of feeling in say winter, when it can be easily executed? Worresht.

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