A gem

This interview with A B Bardhan, the General Secretary of the CPI published in yesterday’s Business Standard is nothing short a masterpiece. The entire interview is a work of art, and deserves to be framed. However, even in such a galaxy, some lines deserve a special mention.

When asked why the left has little influence in the cow belt, Bardhan says:

The reasons for our failure in the Hindi heartland are the continuing hold of feudalists, traditionalists and obscurantists in our society.

He even admits that states such as West Bengal and Kerala are “peripheral” (and i’m not sure he meant that in a geographical sense) and has more reasons to offer about the non-performance in the heartland.

In peripheral states like West Bengal and Kerala, we have had the advantage of great social movements but in the Hindi heartland, in spite of philosophers like Kabir being from there, things haven?t changed much.

What takes the cake, however, is Bardhan’s stand on FDI

The Left supports FDI as this way at least some part of the billions that were looted from India in colonial era can come back.

On reforms

We will not allow the issue of hunger and poverty to be relegated to the background while pursuing growth. Reforms will have to touch the last man in this country. Today?s reforms are only producing millionaires and billionaires, and even trillionaires.

You should read the full thing for maximum pleasure. Hats off to Aasha Khosla of the Business Standard for enabling this masterpiece!

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