Ban bathrooms

My grandmother passed away last Sunday. While she was fairly old (late eighties) and her faculties were declining, the immediate cause of her death was a fall in the bathroom. She fell about a month back following which she underwent a hip replacement surgery (at her ripe age). While she responded well to the surgery (an X-ray taken a day before her death shows perfect fit), the fall and the surgery made her considerably weak which probably led to her demise.

Two months back, her sister passed away. While she too was old (not as old as my grandmother, though), her demise too was accelerated by a fall in the bathroom.

One of my grandmother’s brothers has been in hospital for five months now, slipping in and out of coma. He was admitted into hospital following a head injury which happened because, you guessed it right, he fell in the bathroom!

Deaths due to falls in the bathroom are becoming an epidemic now. It is not wise on our part to lose so many of our learned and wise elders due to this trifling presence in our homes. It is important that the government take strong steps to curb this malaise of deaths being caused due to falls in the bathroom.

I have a simple suggestion – ban bathrooms. Once bathrooms have been banned, there will be no place left for old people to fall and die. Banning of bathrooms might be the singular lever that can help push up India’s life expectancy. I expect that the government take steps in this direction quickly.

PS: Past studies have shown that Indians suffer from an acute case of irony deficiency

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