Google rocks

Amit Varma has linked to this piece by Vir Sanghvi in the Hindustan Times. It’s about the recent incident in Baroda where the artist was arrested, dean chucked out and a lot of protests happened.

Now, HT, in an attempt to make some money from this online edition, features some ads by Google. Now, I don’t know what ads you will see when you go to the site, but I saw these.

How to Convert to Islam
How to convert and become a Muslim with Live Help through chat
Muslim Business Club
Find businesses and business partners in Saudi Arabia
Israel, Islam & Jihad
are all prophesied in the Bible and the 7-Year-Trib is a myth.

Too much. And to actually think that these islamic sites actually advertise through google! even more amazing!


I just read through the piece. An extremely strong piece of writing. Completely endorse it. Too bad the HT is not available in Bangalore.

Now, in the context of the article, the choice of ads by Google looks much more unmitigated!

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