given my general dissatisfaction with radio stations in Bangalore (except for Indigo after 8pm or City in the morning (with Vasanthi) ), I am trying to get better music to my car. thing is the stereo system can’t play CDs, so the only option is tapes.

and the kind of music i am trying to get is anything but the kind for which you readily get tapes in music shops. after ransacking the Jayanagar store of planet M (a very large store), i managed to get tapes of The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon, and also “Echoes: The best of pink floyd”. Nothing of deep purple or ledzep or maiden was available there. Or other albums of floyd (animals; wish you were here; meddle; etc.)

anyone has any clue what would be a good place to get tapes? i’m mostly looking at floyd, purple, ledzep, maiden, beatles, doors (weird combo i guess but anyways… ). or are there any online stores that could ship these TAPES?

TIA (thanks in advance for the uninitialted)

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