i think it was a damn good decision that i slept off for the chelski-liverpool match and instead decided to stay up for the man u – milan game. and what a game it was! awesome stuff by milan. utterly pathetic display by man u.

the commentary on ten sports was sucky and heavily biased towards the club from england, nevertheless it offered some nice insights. there were a few names that were hardly mentioned by the commentators yesterday.

nesta. kaladze. janulowski. giggs. scholes. rooney. all of them put together may have earned around 10 mentions (ok i’m exaggerating but it’s a ridiculously low number). i think that tells the story. along with the fact that gattuso had effectively blocked ronaldo out of the game until he forced his own substitution.

the stage is set for another mouthwatering milan – liverpool final. and right now i don’t really mind who wins. on one hand, i’m supposed to be a liverpool fan. on the other, milan are the underdogs.have fought off a points deduction and several injury problems.

given that i’m indifferent, i hope to just sit back and enjoy the football. and i seriously hope that they produce some good stuff.??

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