1. if you aren’t the types that drinks much, and if you have a car, you are usually entrusted with the responsibility of making sure all the drunks reach home safely.

2. a drunk woman with a lit cigarette in her hand can be dangerous to health in general and the khaandaan in particular. better don’t take panga with her.

3. IMHO the view from 13th floor is better during the day than during the night.

4. saw this roadsign where cash pharmacy once stood. something to the effect of “don’t drink and drive. i don’t want to meet you yet. – god”. liked it.

5. there are “unofficial parking agents” in some places, such as opposite bowring club in the road leading to lavelle road from st mark’s road. they help you park the car, say they’ll “guard it” and then ask you for “coffee money”. 2 bucks won’t do. at least 5!

6. MG road pavement seemed really empty yesterday (a thursday evening). had never seen it that empty before.

7. 20 years in Bangalore and Koramangala is still a maze for me, as is most of north bangalore. And for the first time yesterday, taking directions from a drunk woman (damn me for that) i even lost my way in “my area” Jayanagar. feel really bad about that.

8. legend has it that if you are in a car with a woman late in the night you are likely to be stopped by cops and reported to your parents (at least my parenst believe that)

9. two weekends back, four of us from our IIM batch met up for lunch. interestingly all of us are gymming nowadays! (and none of us did earlier) Maybe it’s that we’re about to get thrown into the market, and have to get rid of the non-performing assets from the balance sheets.

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