Tagline of the madness

Madman Aadisht (aka ) has put an utterly disgusting GTalk tagline. Something to the effect of an entire religion being a certain female body part. Extremely disgusting and offensive. At least I’m offended by it, and I’m sure lots of others are also.

I’m wondering how to respond to this. One thing to do would be to contact my old colleagues in the RSS and ask the fundamentalists there to “take care of him”. They will hopefully burn him at the stake. Peace. Downside: too violent.

I’m planning to file a PIL in the Karnataka High Court tomorrow about the evil uses that the google talk status message can be put to. Hopefully I can get some support from various left wing and right wing and centrist fundamentalists, and soon we will have a country-wide campaign to ban google talk status messages. If not anyone else, I’m confident of enlisting the support of Brinda Karat, Arundhati Roy and Prannoy Roy (the last named is necessary to get relevant footage). However, just blocking the status messages doesn’t sound that feasible, so we might as well get the entire google suite banned! Peace. Downside – no orkutting.

On third thoughts, I am thinking of a rally tomorrow in Bangalore. Let us start at Richmond circle at around nine am (the peak hour of traffic) and stage a march until the **large-american-commercial-bank** office near Garuda where our man is supposed to hide during the day. By blocking the peak hour Bangalore traffic, I am sure we can drum up enough support for our worthy cause and the mob will be big enough for the people at the **large-american-commercial-bank** building to turn in aadisht to us. Of course on the way, we will damage a few ATMs and a number of shops and maybe kult stuff from some showrooms in Garuda. Peace. Downside: What a waste of two hours while I could be orkutting at work instead!

I’m in a fix. I’m wondering which of the above methods is the best way to deal with madman’s madness. Maybe I should do all three. March up to the **large-american-commercial-bank** office, wait for them to turn him over. Then call the fundamentalists and get him burnt. and then march up to the Karnataka High court and file a PIL (everyone who participated in my rally can be a signatory). And then Prannoy will arrive from somewhere and I can get some footage on NDTV.

Advise, please!

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