move over Duckworth/Lewis

If you thought the duckworth-lewis system is complicated, then you need to check out the points system for the Zonal Ranji trophy matches in 1991-92.

This was the year when I had started following cricket, and I used the kaveri holidays (we had a few days off in November/December 1991 owing to kaveri riots) to follow up on some Ranji trophy cricket on radio! Complete with Kannada commentary et al.

The first match i followed is this:

Continued following ranji for a while (though not on radio) and was extremely thrilled when Karnataka won Ranji and Irani (in 98 i think). The switch from zonal format to the super league and plate somewhat lessened my interest but now thanks to cricinfo have started following again!

And must say that some matches (esp. Andhra vs Delhi, Hyderabad vs Punjab) have made for exciting following over cricinfo. Long live domestic cricket!

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