Common and orkut and the music genome project

* The number of people who say “common” instead of “come on” or “c’mon” is huge! i won’t surprised if soon the OED decides that “common” could also mean “come on”!

* “Frandship seekers” on orkut aren’t trying to hit on the person whose franship they are seeking. They are merely trying to practice their flirting skills! After all, what do they have to lose? They make sure they pick someone who is sufficiently far removed from them, and minimize chances of common friends. Also, a number of these franship seekers don’t have too many friends who have too much of an online presence, so they won’t be “caught out” also!

* A number of people have told me that a lot of people initially started to join orkut in order to improve their group discussion skills! ROTFL! Go to any community that offers a remote chance of a debate (for example, Hindutva) and you’ll see people arguing away without knowing what they are saying. Apparently a number of them are CAT hopefuls. God bless them.

* The “common friends” (yeah that’s common friends, not “come on friends”) thing in orkut is really useful. Especially if the other person hasn’t joined the appropriate affiliation groups in order to spell out his/her resume!

* Baal and I want to conduct some orkut-related experiment for which we’ll need you people’s inputs. I’ll let you know shortly what exactly i want. Just wanted to keep you warned that I’ll be seeking your help soon.

* Yesterday introduced me to Pandora. Strong concept and implementation. Couldn’t believe that such a thing is actually legal. , you were trying something similar for Indian classical music right?

* and I thought about a “wiki version” of Pandora where users “classify” the songs and attach attributes to the songs. However, we think due to the amount of subjectivity involved, it’s better a small group of people does this categorization. Your thoughts on this are welcome.

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