traffic and traders…

The drivers of all private buses, maxicabs and BPO jeeps in Bangalore should be quickly moved to Wall Street. They are ruthless, selfish, individualistic, aggressive and quick. Most important of all, they are really good at spotting arbitrage opportunities.

The left lane of the road is freer than the right lane, thanks to the free left. Our heroes who have to turn right quickly fill up the empty space on the left lane, and shut out the free left. There is a traffic jam ahead. No movement of vehicles on either side. Someone quickly notices that the right side of the road (which is meant for traffic in the opposite direction) is empty, and proceeds to fill it up.

You see there is a small jam at the next signal, you veer away quickly into the crossroad into the residential area, and use that to cross the jam. In fact, most BPO cabs ply only on crossroads! Their way of exploiting arbitrage.

I don’t know why investment banks are wasting their time and money going to IIMs and then offering the highest salary in the batch. All they need to do is to look at the streets. And they will be able to fulfil all their trading requirements. As a by-product, Bangalore will also get rid of these buggers. A win-win situation.

I can foresee only one problem – it would be a tough job to get these guys pass the compliance requirements!

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