CSR taken too far?

My firm has this program called “give together”, which is our attempt at Corporate Social Responsibility. During the course of the next one week, the firm will work with kids from an orphanage for one day, having a blood donation camp on another and organizing a rally on Alzheimer’s day on the third. Of course, our employees have to actively participate in the initiative, so we are being asked to volunteer.

So you have the MD and a couple of admin assistants walking around office trying to bully people into volunteering. We will all be there at the Alzheimer’s rally, looking bored and going through the motions. We will be playing with the orphans, but the young ones will easily figure out that we are playing with them because our boss is telling us to. There will be a blood donation “camp” in office. Some of us will be engaged in giving frooti to the donators, and the rest of us will be donating. Unwillingly. I would rather give my blood on a need-basis than giving it to a blood bank and not know where it will go.

Corporate social responsibility indeed…

When our MD came round yesterday asking us to donate blood my boss said “i’m afraid there isn’t enough blood in my alcohol”.

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