ad roundup…

living with parents and going home early on most days means you end up watching lots of TV, which in effect means you watch loads of ads.

one of the best campaigns i have liked in recent times is the new pepsi ad with Rajeev Bakshi (the CEO) explaining that Pepsi is safe (in the wake of hte pepsi controversy). During the “last round of this controversy”, coke had brought in Aamir Khan as the Bong who is convinced by his wife that coke “ok hai, fit hai”. interestingly, there has been no attempt by coke to defend its position this time (and pepsi didn’t do anything last time). Wondering if thsi is some sort of collaboration.

then there is the Reliance ADAG ad for their life insurance plan which has Prahlad Kakkar’s son paining this hot babe (his mom/sis in the ad, haven’t gotten that) who is doing yoga. really cute ad, only problem being it doesn’t exactly result in brand recall. people will recall the ad, but not too many can associate that with anilbhai’s insurance.

similar is the case of another insurance ad (can’t recall which, think it’s ICICI). has rajat kapoor who is waiting for his son to return from the US and “has big plans for him”. the son returns with a biLi hendthi (white wife) and an off-white baby also! excellent ad. excellent recall. but absolutely no connection with product.

i’m reporting it a little late but SBI came up with this delightful set of ads this summer. their pitch was that foreign banks can’t be trusted in terms of user charges, fine print, etc. and brought it out beautifully with a boy running with a bucket of hot water as “running hot water” etc.

now with the cricket season starting again, we do have something to look forward to!

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