last day…

today is my last day on this job. it was supposed to be yesterday, actually, but since yesterday was a holiday i’ve come today to wind up. have got a list of things to return. have to talk to the fin guy (i just found out that i haven’t been paid my july salary… grr) and get all the tax stuff and the PF stuff settled, and of course get my money.

there will be the usual round of goodbyes. not too many people in office today, most seem to be at clients’. i’ll probably send out a mail saying “it was nice knowing all of you. add me on orkut and stay in touch”. and maybe add “read my blog sometime next week, i’ll bitch about all you bitches on that. of course, it’ll be a friends only entry so you get LJ IDs and become my friends”.

there’s so much to do in the next couple of days – return my phone card, make some N phone calls to people, return this laptop to my firm (and delete all saved passwords on it before i do so), try sell my washing machine, try get back my house rent advance, and many other such random stuff…

saturday early morning i’m off… this stint in bombay will be over… i’ll be going back to bangalore, and take up a job as an “assistant cook” at my house. duties might also involve sweeping the floor and running sundry errands. don’t hope to do that job for too long though.

let’s see how things pan out! jai!

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