long time since i did a random sundry update. so here i go.

i have quit my first job. 2 months into it. currently serving my “notice period”. no clue where i’m headed. talking to people. lots of them. lots of whom i hadn’t talked to for ages. have a little more clarity now on what i want to do than i did 2 weeks ago when i put in my papers.

i’ll be moving back to bangalore at the end of my notice period. hopefully i should have a few interviews set up by then. and then get a job i will like.

on saturday i saw the best and worst of mumbai. late in the evening, i walk on marine drive, southwards. there is a strong wind blowing into my face. it is refreshingly cool. a few droplets of rain accompany it. and i continue walking. into the wind. the drizzle soon turns into rain. drops become bigger and start hitting me from in front of me. it is raining almost parallel to the ground. the wind is so heavy my umbrella can’t open.

i turn around, open my umbrella and hold it behind my shoulders. still can’t save my ass though. the rain is way too parallel to the ground. fanaa.

earlier that day i stepped out of a restaurant into a waterlogged road in Bandra East. a couple of steps and soon i find my left leg giving way. thankfully my balance is on my right and i just fall on the road. my hands find something to grip and prevent my left leg from sinking further. i suspect that was a manhole. i live to tell the tale.

on a few occasions when i’ve asked friends to join orkut, they’ve brushed me off saying “i have N friends and i don’t think i want to keep in touch with anyone else”. orkut, as i see it, is primarily a tool to keep in touch with people you don’t usually keep in touch with. i’ve personally found it really useful in getting in touch with people you never thought you’ll get in touch with again. people whom you suddenly discover are wonderful, and start wondering why you didn’t talk so much to him/her while you were together in school. as i mentioned in the previous post, if you consider your friends to be stocks, orkut is a mutual fund. at one shot you can purchase “small shares” in a large number of people.

suddenly got some work. these guys don’t believe in giving people “garden leave”. try to extract the most out of you as long as you are there.

more later.

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