the advantage of being a MBA

Following tuesday’s blasts, somebody opened a thread on one of the IIMB discussion boards where Alumni in Mumbai were requested to confirm their existence. Thankfully, there have been no casualties from our batch, and none from our immediate senior batch.

While on one hand i’m relieved, on the other hand i’m not at all surprised. For, the blasts took place on trains all of which left Mumbai’s commercial district before 6:30. Now, tell me which MBA gets out of office so early? All of us were in our offices when the attack happened, and thus all escaped unscathed!

Moral of the story: Do a MBA, you’ll not get bombed

It is only a one-off case that the bombs were on the train at the normal peak hour. However, there is no guarantee that terrorists might attack the commercial area in order to create a greater impact. What if there is a WTC-level attack on Nariman Point? Thousands of people will perish, and a large number of them will be MBAs.

If you are an MBA, there is a greater possibility of you working in places like WTC, Nariman Point, etc. than in other less pseud business places. So given that there is a huge possibility of a WTC level attack, it is better if one doesn’t do a MBA.

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