time value of time

Everyone knows that time today is better than time tomorrow. And that money today is better than money tomorrow. The latter, of course is the reason we have something called interest rates, based on which ibanks are making millions. It is a concept that has been beaten to death, loads of authors have made millions on it, it is the ‘in thing’ in bschools today and all such crap.

Currently in my early twenties (i’m not yet 24, so i can still be in this bucket), I have a strong feeling that time today is much much more important than, say, time 10 years down the line. And I personally consider it to be more important than money today against money 10 years down the line.

different people, i believe have different interest rates for time, which makes it untrade-able (maybe thatz the reason no markets exist for this). and the rates of interest that people attach to this probably determines the career path one takes….

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