i almost got mugged yesterday. was walking home from office at 11 pm (it’s a fairly short distance and autos refuse to come, and there was a nice breeze blowing so i thought i’ll walk). just come out of an ATM after withdrawing Rs. 2000. fancy phone (Nokia 6670) hand talking to mom. laptop bag on shoulder.

two guys come on bike and say something. i think they’re asking for directions and walk on. they persist. i ignore. then one of them comes upto me and shouts something. i ignore again. my mom starts getting scared now. then i shout back at the guy. and then i realize he is asking me to give him my phone so that he could make an important call. i just continue talking to my mom. then, suddenly the guy comes towards me menacingly and tries tugging away my laptop. somehow the strap of the bag gets entangled around my arm so it sticks.

by now, there is a decent crowd around the place. the guys quickly make off on their bike!!

i’m starting to hate bombay now.

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