ok, this post has nothing to do with the movie. i had written about a year and a quarter back about what the word means and experiencing the feeling at a few “L^2” parties. i’m too lazy to link to that post but to just remind you, it’s a sufi word which refers to a state of mind where one feels detached from the world and feels one with the “chosen one” or something like that.

did experience it a couple of times during parties early last year. Even better, I spent most of September and October 2005 in that state. used to listen to Floyd 16 hours a day, play tsepak and AoE with amazing regularity, eat out on a regular basis and all that. can’t remember much else i did then.

except for a few times in the last six months (and those occasions too the feeling has lasted for just about a couple of hours) i’ve never managed to hit the state.

wonder why

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