i like to go on long walks. with a friend, if one is available; but mostly alone. it’s typically a nice relaxing experience. gives me the chance to sometimes stop by and just observe life. gives me the chance to give some work to my legs. the chance to just daydream about whatever i want to, or whoever i want to, and make myself feel hapy. a chance to taste some roadside food. sometimes, a chance to get runover and get killed.

interestingly, while in Bangalore I prefer to walk around the residential localities of the south (Jayanagar, Banashankari, etc.) and find the business district too noisy and “trafficky”, in bombay i prefer to walk around the business area in the south and loathe walking around Bandra where i live! wonder why. probably it’s because the south has these old buildings with amazing architecture and stuff. probably because the area i live in has this huge bunch of old identical apartment blocks, which are hardly inspiring. probably because the south has more eatouts. anyways, this evening once again i’ll be taking the train journey due south, in order to go for a walk!

in this respect, the other city i’ve spent some time in of late – London – is simply amazing for walking. the entire city. not just parts of it. and the people respond to it by walking as much as possible – people don’t use their cars too much in there.

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