restaurants in Bombay

For starters this is not a crib post. Bombay is simply an amazing place for food – if you are looking for hifunda food that is. For more analysis on that, refer this post by dhoomketu.

I am currently living alone in Bombay. Even though my mom took enough pains to teach me to cook during the break between college and work, I’m too lazy to cook. I make Nescafe for myself early in the morning, and have it with biscuits. Breakfast, lunch and tea (and some light snakes to go with tea) are provided at work. problem lies with dinner though.

I live in Bandra East, which is an extremely residential locality. And has exactly one half-decent restaurant where you can have a half-decent meal for around Rs. 50. and i am left with no choice but to go there and try eat something different every day. and my uncle who lived in Bombay tells me the situation is the same all over the place – there’s only one good “non-pseud” restaurant for every residential locality. some sort of monopoly it seems.

A far cry from Bangalore with its “darshini culture”! To remind you Darshinis are these small, but clean and good “self-service” vegetarian restaurants which serve food real cheap. And you can find them on almost every street, making life easy for the person who lives alone!

Mr Kamat or Mr Adiga, are you listening?

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