A large part of the last week was spent orienting myself at Goa. Given the off-season, our firm managed to find a set of honeymoon cottages at a good rate, and with team-building measures being an objective of the exercise, we had to share rooms.

I was lucky to get a ?normal?, though remote, room. A couple of friends were put up in a room with a view. A view of the bathroom I mean. There was a window between the room and the loo, which could be opened only from outside! And provided a strategic view of the bath-tub and the pot. Truly confidence-building measures!

Nice resort, amazing food, the constant sound of waves crashing against the sands, a swimming pool, bikini babes.. and we were attending classes. Classes on making powerpoints, writing reports and on professional ethics. And on Friday night we are invited to a party where the bosses get us drunk, and early on Saturday morning we had to make a case presentation! A true test of spirit.
After the case presentation, there was a session on ?useful tips?. Some stuff I found nice:
1. You are going to work hard for your jobs. You are young. You will be paid well. We encourage you to spend and lead a good life. Trust us, you?ll regret it later if you generally try to save!
2. Life will be tough, and there might be some stress. Your IIM friends may not hold on forever. The most important thing for you would be to build strong relationships and a strong support system within the firm.
3. This profession is a marathon, not a sprint. Remember that and ensure you don?t burn yourself out.
Outside of the session, a senior manager said ?Karthik, I?m not sure you can hold on for four-five years as a bachelor given the vagaries of this profession?. Wonder what he meant. Guess I might figure out in a couple of years.
Best part of the training, though was this game of beach volleyball, at the end of which I had figured out that for the last couple of hours I had ordered around this above mentioned senior manager, and he had faithfully followed what I had said, knowing that I was boss on the court. Felt really good!

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