fire in the building run run run

M called me at 10:30 this morning and asked me about the status of the work he had given me yesterday. “I’ve done this this this googling boss; haven’t got data on that that that. Can you suggest some sources?”

M: I don’t need much info on that that that. this this this should be fine. Also find me some data on somethignelse somethignelse.

Me: OK. i’ll get back to you in an hour.

M: Just mail all these by 2. i have a meeting at 4.

Me: yes boss.

In the middle of the conversation, the lights had gone out of our lives. Another short call later, I figure out my building is on fire! So we leave everything (our most invaluable laptops included) and run for our lives.

There is a huge crowd gathered outside. The whole office is on the road. Frantic phone calls are made to make sure everyone from our office is safe. Soon the red guys arrive and the fire is out. We aren’t allowed to enter the building though. Our laptops are inside.

I’m worried about my work. The first deadline I had to meet in this job, and something had to happen. We’re all tensed up. An ice-cream at the nearby Baskin Robbins (the guy must’ve blessed the fire; he would’ve never made so much business no a normal day) and then we find that the building will be closed for the rest of the day.

I call M and he knows the bombay office had caught fire. He says “at least tell me this and this”. These guys want to go for movie. Half an hour to go for the movie to start. I head off in search of a cyber cafe.

Don’t know why, but Bombay doesn’t have the same density of cyber cafes as Bangalore. Had to walk for half an hour around Bandra to find one. Arrive there sweating. 45 mins of quick work means I have re-googled all of this this this and sent it to M. and I have time to catch the second half of Pink Panther.

The cinema “hall” is as big as my bedroom in my Bangalore house. five rows of seats. Probably the smallest I had ever seen. Regretted not carrying my camera. Coming back, movie done, we head back to office to see if situation has improved. Now they’re letting in people escorted by security to collect belongings (they think we are all vandals). Laptop comes out. Off to a nearby restaurant for an average and quick lunch. Tea at friend’s place and back in hotel at 7!!!

Yeah, I had a day off today , but i hope i don’t ahve to work on the weekend to make up. And I’ll be startin on my first lnog-term project on Monday. Still, feels good coming back early. Nothing to do though, so i come to the nearby cyber cafe and blog!

This is probably my worst written post ever but when you have the cyber cafe’s clock ticking you can’t expect too much good work.

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