Jowar Rotis

In the classification of food as North Indian and South Indian, one really nice thing which gets left out is North Karnataka cuisine. And the Govindrai Kamat group has managed to create fine dining out of this supposedly down-market food and has dedicated the terrace of almost all their restaurants for this!

The ambience is superb. Most tables are on the edge of the terrace and you get to look at the city. There is a live classical music performance daily, provides a nice background while you?re eating, and also keeps you occupied while you are waiting. Waiters are in the traditional Bombay-Karnataka attire ? dhoti-kurta and Gandhi cap.

Food is served on a plantain leaf, and starts off with a glass of spiced buttermilk (and chilly bajji if you opt for the special meal). Main course consists of jowar rotis (jOLada bhakri as it?s traditionally called) ? super-soft super-thin rotis made of jowar, mass-produced and yet served hot. Side dishes include a brinjal curry (something like baingan bharta), a dal, a green curry, raitha and raw onions and greens. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the butter here! Really good stuff! As much as you can eat. It is then followed by the more south Karnataka fare of rice with sambar, rasam and curd. With the traditional plantain and paan to close the meal.

Definitely recommended. And at Rs. 70 per head, it?s a steal. Just make sure you drink lots of water though while you?re eating ? the rice-obsessed South Karnataka stomachs might find it tough to digest. Available at Kamat restaurants on Bull Temple Road, Minerva Circle and Gandhinagar, and maybe in a few other places.

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