Dreamz Unlimited

Have been having really arbit and funny dreams of late. Two weeks ago, a certain somebody had written poetry for me. A day after that, my dad had admonished me for my excessively long phone calls ? this particular dream came true a couple of days after that!

Last week I dreamt that I had gone to the market with my father and was carrying a bagful of watermelons. I?m crossing the road to reach our car, when a watermelon slips out of the bag and falls on to the road. A passing car then runs over the fallen watermelon, completely crushing it and leaving the entire road in a mess. And then dad blasts me for it!

This partly came true when I was holding a bagful of tender coconuts the other day and had to cross the road with it to reach my aunt?s house. And while I?m crossing a coconut almost falls out of the bag. And my mom who?s accompanying me is about to scream at me. And I skillfully manage to catch the falling coconut while still balancing the bag of the rest of the coconuts. And I?m sure if I had dropped the coconut, the car which ran over it wouldn?t have been able to crush it!

This morning?s dream was the scariest. I dreamt that I receive a letter from my employer that they are currently overstaffed, and that they are laying me off ? a week before I am supposed to join. Reminds me of the IT bust in 2002 when several reputed software companies did that ? pick graduates from campuses and then lay them off even before it starts! Sincerely hope this dream doesn?t come true!

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