Crack maaDi

The lingo at any college is very likely to be affected by the local language of the surrounding areas. Like there are so many Tam words that have crept into the IITM lingo, and so many hindi words which are part of the lingo at Northern IITs. Given this background, it?s quite surprising that there isn?t much Kannada in the IIMB lingo.
Perhaps the only Kannada word or phrase to have crept in is ?crack maaDi?. Rather, this phrase is only half-Kannada, the other half being in English. maaDi means ?do?, in plural. maaDu is ?do? (for example, preethi maaDabaaradu, maaDidare hinde nODabAradu, which means one should never do love, but if you do, you shouldn?t look back), and when the u is replaced by I, it becomes a little more respectful.

Given this background, it?s interesting how this half-kannada phrase has been used or misused by most people. For one, I can never get myself to use it. Can?t think of addressing any of my classmates or whatever respectfully (in plural) so best case I say ?crack maaDu?. Coming back to the others, sometimes people want to ask you ?have you cracked?? and they say ?crack maaDi??!! repeated attempts to explain to them that they should say ?crack maaDidya? have been futile and I?ve resigned myself to ignoring such gross misuse! And have stopped getting annoyed when people misuse it.

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