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The other day an aunt called up my mom and said, ?you know, how close I used to be to my younger son? He always stuck to me whenever at home, would consult me on everything he did. Now, after he?s gotten married, he?s changed completely. His wife is such a dominating woman. And this guy just listens to everything she says, even at the cost of being nasty to me. It?s very disappointing. Every time I see them, I feel sad.

?You know, somehow, whenever I see Karthik and you together, I?m reminded of how my son used to be. He seems so close to you. And I?m afraid he might go the same way as my son. Be careful. And I?m already beginning to pity you.?

This seems to have set the cat amongst the pigeons in my mom?s head. She?s now hell-bent that I shouldn?t bring home a girl who?s even remotely dominating. Mom?s trying to stress upon the fact that ?niceness? should be one very important criterion while I ?evaluate? potential wives. ?You say that the most important thing is that she should talk well and be a good companion, but don?t forget that if she?s not very nice, it?s you who?s going to suffer. I don?t have any vested interest in this, but just telling you so that you don?t suffer later on in life?.

Coming to think of it, any half-intelligent woman would prefer a docile to an aggressive daughter-in-law. She would prefer a DIL who wouldn?t have a dramatic influence on her son, one who would let her son be the mamma?s boy he always ways. One who wouldn?t ?cause much trouble? in her son?s life. One who would just be content with looking after him well?

If you are a single woman, and think you?re even remotely aggressive, please think twice before you enter the market for arranged marriages!

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