For this one month gap between leaving college and joining my job, I have to contend with a dialup connection at home. numerous pleas to my dad to get a data one connection seem to have fallen on deaf years and it looks like i’ve to make do with this connection. Just come online once every night and maybe once in the morning to check mail and BRacket, and that’s about it.

anyways, 2 things I wanted to write about in the last couple of days but couldn’t because of the lack of immediate access to a comp.

1. the box i tried to open, and almost succeeded, but just managed to fail and get my finger jammed.
2. about how Kathriguppe is becoming a retail haven. don’t think too many others can boast of having a Big Bazaar as their closest retailer!
3. about how an alarmingly high number of people from my school seem to have generally given up in life; and how I can’t seem to even remotely connect to a number of people from my school.

More later.

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