near death experience

Woke up this morning with a slightly painful left shoulder. When I thought about it carefully, I figured out I had had a near-death experience yesterday night.

was driving home after a dinner out yesterday night. i was somewhere betweeen the Forum and Christ College when it happened. A branch arbitly broke off from a tree and fell on my head. Thankfully, i was wearing a helmet, so the thing just bounced off, brushed my shoulder and fell down. And I just continued on my way as if nothing had happened.

i’m so lucky i was wearing a helmet. I swear never to drive a 2-wheeler without a helmet again. and yeah, despite this experience, I would any day prefer a 2-wheeler to a car. If not for just the ease of manouevre it’s about the wind hitting you, you feeling involved in the traffic around, or as Robert Pirsig put it, feeling the ground six inches below your feet!

bike, I’ll miss you when I go to bombay next month!

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