Supposed to be inspired by the Chakravyuha in the Mahabharata. A test of strength, stamina and endurance. Seven men taking on seven men, or you can say one man taking on seven men. One of the main reasons for my joining the RSS. The main reason India features (rather, used to feature; bastards scrapped it) on the medals tally in Asian games. Yeah, the title says it all.

I’m writing about it because of the unusual teamwork I’ve seen in this game. When a guy from the opposite side enters your half, holding his breath, six of the seven people form a chain, and the seventh guy stays away from the chain. Now, it is the seventh guy’s responsibility to somehow lure the opponent deep into the court, so that the other six can can quickly converge on him and trap him. There are these occasions where the opponent quickly runs from one end of the court to the other. Now the “defender” at the other end breaks loose adn the original loose guy joins the chain.

What I’m trying to hint at here is that there are occasions where ALL members of a team should not stick together but there should be one guy who stands separately and works independently, while striving towards a common goal. I know this idea sounds pretty lame without a practical example, but I’m not able to come up with one right now. Tell me if you find any.

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