Statement of purposelessness

Dear Recruiter,
One thing that gives me a lot of kick in life is to learn new things. Ever since I was a kid, when my over-zealous dad used to make me mug a lot of ?general knowledge books?, I have always wanted to know more about the world. Most of what I have done, both academic and outside, have been driven by this desire to learn.

Learning has driven both my academic life, and has also defined my major hobby which is quizzing. The thing about quizzing is that not only do you learn more, you also sharpen your logical reasoning skills. The way senior level quizzing happens, just knowing stuff doesn?t help. You?ll need to use what you know in order to ?work out? the answer, in the process using logic and reasoning and logical reasoning.

Coming back to acads, I decided to go to IIT because a knowledgeable uncle told me that the best learning among all colleges in India happens at the IITs. Learnt a lot in class in IIT but since it was the first time I was living alone, I also learnt a lot outside of class. Towards the end of my BTech I had the option of learning more about less or less about more. I chose the latter and landed up in B School.

IIMB has been a wonderful experience, and the learning has been strong. Given that investment banking was ?hot? when I was in my first term, I went to JP Morgan in London for my summer internship. However, once I was there I figured out that there was not much to be learnt there. After I had digested the swaps module in the first week, there was nothing new in the job. So the PPO I hadn?t worked too hard for was sent down the Thames.

Having returned from my internship, I started talking to a variety of people and the feedback I got was that the job that can provide maximum learning is a consultancy job. I figured out that a consultancy job will provide me enough exposure to a variety of roles and industries and would provide me more than enough learning to keep me interested. I have even met consultants who have worked for over a dozen years who tell me that they still learn a lot on the job.

The thing that differentiates your company from your competitors is that you?re just setting up an office in India. Working in a young office means greater responsibility even for an associate consultant, and consequently greater learning. I also reckon that a portion of my work at your place would be in business development, which won?t happen at your competitors. Hence I’m extremely excited about joining you.

Given all this, I think yours is the best firm for me to start my career in. I believe that the learning that it would offer is superior to what any other firm would offer, irrespective of the industry. On my side, my superior analytical and logical reasoning skills, combined with my appetite for learning, means there is a good chance I?ll be a good consultant. You can check out my attached CV for examples of my skils.

I request you to recruit me. I promise to be a good employee and an asset to your organization. I also promise not to form any unions (I guess the fact that I’m neither Mallu nor Bong implies that). My intellect and madness will also help contribute to the diversity of your Delhi office.

Thanks and regards,

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