Biwi No. 2

Went to watch this new Kannada movie called “Rama Shama Bhama” with family the other day. Was my uncle’s birthday so he treated. It was a maajorly hyped movie. Ramesh’s directorial debut. Also starring Kamalahaasan. ToI gave it a **** rating. Majorly hyped on Udaya TV and ETV Kannada.

Turned out to be a direct rip-off of Biwi No. 1 (which I heard is itself a ripoff of some tam movie). Down to the last PJ! Anyways, here’s a mapping of the starcast. I don’t think i need to tell the story.

Ramesh = Salman Khan
Urvashi = Karisma Kapoor (the fat urvashi looked more believable as the sati-savitri wife than Karisma did. only thing is there wasn’t room for “jungle hai aadhi raat hai”)
Kamal = Anil Kapoor
Sob Queen Shruti = Tabu
Daisy Bopanna = Sushmita Sen

Performances are good all round. Daisy Bopanna is HOT. Looks much hotter than she does in Bangalore Times pics. And of course, Kamal and Ramesh were superb as expected.

And it’s really awkward seeing a movie sandwiched between parents. Especially when there are some non-veg jokes in the script. And the last 3 movies i’ve watched with parents are Kannada “comedies” with loads of non-veg jokes!!

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