Fifth term at IIMB is over, with classes finishing today. End-term exams begin tomorrow, starting with International Finance. People started studying for it almost four days ago. I’m yet to begin though. Simply don’t have the enthu to study. However, all this while I’ve been feeling guilty for not studying!

The mid-term of this exam was “optional”. People could opt not to write the mid-term, and the end-term would carry 100% weightage. I too felt too lazy and had decided not to write the mid-term. However, when a friend asked me to teach her, I found the stuff quite easy and wrote the mid-term. And by some quirk of fate, maxed it.

Now that leaves me in a comfortable position. I know I can’t flunk (that’s the only concern of most people here in 5th term, given that the grades don’t count for placement). So i’m a little complacent. However, on the other hand, I’ve had a good round of mid-terms so don’t unnecessarily want to screw up my CGPA.

Ok, I guess I’ll stop here and start studying. The prof has a reputation for repeating questions from previous years’ papers (yeah, he’s the director of one of India’s best B-schools). And I have with me the last two years’ papers. Will do them and go. Should be enough.

PS: For a change, I don’t seem to be suffering from “exam fever”!!


Most of the questions were repeated from the exams of the last four years. The most hilarious thing was that one question was lifted straight out of our own midterm!! Can’t believe this is the state of what is supposed to be among the best B schools in India.

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