The futility of it all…

I guess my previous post provided a lot of entertainment to all of you. So much so that desipundit and indiauncut (apart from Aadisht of course) linked to it.

Now looking back at it, I realise the futility of it all. I mean even if someone replied to that saying it was the person i saw (i got one such comment), there is no way I can make sure that person is genuine. Sometimes I may get bowled by a fast one and sometimes the genuine respondent might be missed out!!

Anyways, there’s another side to my story now. Remember I had posted here that I’ve started receiving anonymous fan mail. Well, I received 2 more of them this week. One on an “inland letter card” (long time since I saw one) and another in a normal envelope, along with a used bookmark.

Interesting, on one side I write a blogpost professing my love for someone whom i’ve seen but know little about. And on another, I get these letters from someone who’s only read one of my articles in the papers and knows nothing else about me!

Aadisht wants the book and movie rights to what has been happening to me over the past month. I have granted him the entire book rights and and movie rights for all languages except Gult. Gult movie rights have been granted to Chiru thanks to his domain expertise.

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