Early in 2003, when it was suggested to me that I should start writing, I started off with sensational writing. Wrote a couple of articles in the IITM magazine, one of them strong enough to shut down the magazine. The newsletter I wrote at the following Saarang seemed like a check on the Saarang coordinators.

Came to IIMB. Found the Cultural Committee really sucky (though they’ve stopped sucking this year), started an anti culcom campaign – enough for the cul secy to tend his resignation (which wasn’t accepted). Similar excesses on my part followed and it is only of late (after I started this journal) that I started writing about serious stuff.

However, given my background, there has been a tendency for sensationalism to creep into my writing. The fact that I am publishing it only on this journal (which I “own”) means that I haven’t put enough control systems in place and at times have misrepresented facts. In a bid to make things more interesting for readers, I have started inventing stuff and spicing up my stories (exception being the one I published in the times).

Now, one of these excesses has unfortunately proved serious for one of the people involved. Looks like the signal has been distorted so much that what I wrote is totally different from what actually happened.

And because of all this, it looks like currently there is a friendship on the line. Haven’t been able to contact the person in question yet, but hopefully it hasn’t gone bust already.

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