feeling like a ganguly…

yet another quiz today where we missed qualification by one point.

me kinda feel that i’m not as good a quizzer as i used to be. maybe the last time i played a really major role in my team’s victory was at least three years ago (talking of conventional quizzes). i still think i’m pretty good in formats such as the University Challenge but it unfortunately wasn’t held this year :((

used to be a strike bowler around four years ago. used to singlehandedly win quizzes. managed to get a pretty good partner. settled down into a lethal combo together. then in 2003, we got a pretty good third guy, who seemed to be so good he started opening the bowling and i settled down into a good third bowler.

moving to IIMB got me introduced to a few more great quizzers. and with KQA quizzes being 4 a side, i’ve comfortably settled as a FOURTH BOWLER. i’m the Kasprowicz to my team which is McGrath, Gillespie, Lee. I’m the Hoggard (who gets wickets only when the ball swings wildly) to my team which is Harmison, Flintoff and Jones.

And considering my current form (and using the bowling analogy) i’m like Sourav Ganguly to my team that is Dravid, Tendulkar and Sehwag! Not a very comforting thought!! banking upon history and ancient records (and good performances in intra-college quizzes) to keep my place in the team.

sumo, yet so far.

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