waiting for my feedback….

i just want to go up to my boss and tell him how much this place sucks. just waiting for my review. there’s a small chance that i may still make it to an offer, which i can use to beautify my resume. that’s the only thing that is preventing me from going up and giving some honest feedback.

and it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that this place sucks. in fact, it takes even lesser intelligence to figure it out than it takes to price a vanilla swap using one of JP Morgan’s packages. so it is obvious that everyone else thinks this sucks. or at least they used to think so until they got sucked into the system.

the average person to enter JPM is a doofoo who’d have mugged his way through one of these crappy colleges in England. once he enters, he realizes that he is really lucky to be in such a high-paying job (yeah i know you must be thinking i’m freakin’ mad to say i don’t want such a high-paying job) and that by hook or by crook he must stay on here. if he starts cribbing about the system, given the place’s tika kobbu he won’t survive longer. and armed with a qualification which can, at best, fetch a call center job in a place like India (not sure what kind of a job it can fetch here in England), he can’t afford that. so he quietly understands and does his shitty work without cribbing. by the time his job is secure enough, he is part of the sucky system.

guess this has been going on for a few decades now! and the bank having existed for more than a hundred years, and having grown too fat to stand on its feet (though a series of arbit M&As that is – wonder how people trust this with their M&A when the investment bank couldn’t handle its own merger properly) it is impossible for anyone to change the system enough. totally pissing off.

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