when i came in to JP Morgan, a day after a gruelling 3rd term, i was full of enthu. took whatever shit was thrown in my direction and worked. and even though i didn’t consciously do it, i managed to do a good job of it and got a good mid-term review.

this review was followed by 2 weeks of joblessness and suddenly the enthu seems to have disappeared. don’t feel like learning anything now. even if i were to be given teh most interesting piece of work in teh world now, i won’t feel like doing it. the fact that i have only a little mroe than a week here is also weighing in on my head. just going through the motions now… final review on monday… wonder how it’ll go… i’m pretty sure it won’t be as great as the mid-term.

probably if only i had been given enough work during the 6th and 7th week (which was when i lost enthu) and given some more interesting work, the hunger would’ve been sustained and i’d be doing a much better job of whatever i’m doing now…

the last one week i’m arriving in office a quarter of an hour late… i do a job that would normally take ten minutes in an hour… i sit looking at the clock all day, waiting for the day to end… i loathe it when my associate call me (that means work, generally of the boring variety)…

waiting to finish of the remaining time of my stay in JPM and then chill out for a few (3) days at home and then back to the grind at IIMB… at least there i won’t have to wake up early daily!! (i’m already beginning to miss student life)

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