i know it’s been a long time since i put a public entry (there’ve been lots of ‘friends only’ entries in between). anyway, i’m halfway into the ninth week of my internship. another 11 days here in London and i’m done. work has been getting increasingly frustrating and yesterday i gave a long lecture to my boss as to how JPM won’t succeed because its systems aren’t good. Today manager replied saying that even though the systems here suck big time, they’re the best across the industry!!

Whether or not to improve technology is an oft-repeated application of the prisoner’s dilemma. In the case of investment banking, however, it looks like all companies are simply taking things lying down (if what my manager said were true). Surprising indeed…

Anyway, today i started writing my ‘report’. i didn’t do any project as part of my internship but IIMB’s academic requirements require a ‘project report’. so i’m writing one based on one of the hundred deals i’ve worked on. good thing is it won’t be evaluated for grades.

feeling too lazy now, so i’ll stop here.

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